Heavy Haul (Dark Roast)

Take it up a notch from our medium roast to satisfy your coffee craze. This will sure help you find all those gears (and not grind them!)

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Rich chocolate and a hint of nuts.

Brazil Cerrado

Medium bodied, sweet, smooth, creamy dark chocolate and low acidity.

Colombian Excelso EP

Citrusy flavor, medium-bodied, and rich acidity with a clean and sweet aftertaste.

Costa Rica Tarrazu

Full body, nice rich taste, great finish, slightly fruity.

Decaf Cascadia Blend - Swiss Water Process

Cocoa, nutty, raisin, medium body, medium acidity, complex with blends of America’s, Island and African origins. Amazing espresso.

Espresso 200

Silky smooth with its major component being dark roasted. Of Asian and South America origin this espresso is silky smooth and sweet with good lingering crema and holds up well in milk-based drinks.