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Peru - Café Femenino

Medium bodied with hints of chocolate and sweet aroma.

Costa Rica Tarrazu

Full body, nice rich taste, great finish, slightly fruity.

Monsooned Malabar

Aroma is powerful with sweet spices and black licorice. Moderate body with a lingering sweet finish. Clean cup and smooth mouth feel.

Moon Tree Blend

Great body, well-balanced, roasted almond, fruity, pleasant acidity with sweet aftertaste. Moderately dark roasted only.

Espresso 200

Silky smooth with its major component being dark roasted. Of Asian and South America origin this espresso is silky smooth and sweet with good lingering crema and holds up well in milk-based drinks.

Espresso 300

A great espresso where a little bitterness is a taste characteristic encouraged by dark‐roasting. It is not an unpleasant characteristic. Most West‐Coast American & many Latin‐American blends are bitter by design.